Kahla 27 cm Aronda Erzgebirge Dinner Plate

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Aronda erzgebirge dinner plate 27 cm
Hard porcelain

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With this generous Aronda plate, you can serve up your meals in the most appetising ways – or give a grand stage for a home-made dessert. Kahla re-interprets the classic wooden art of the Erzgebirge, a mountainous region in the German federal state Saxony, presenting the festive depiction of Christmas folk tales. The egg is one of nature’s most beautiful designs. An egg turned on its head is the basic design of Aronda. For almost 20 years, this porcelain line has been adorning countless tables around the world with its understated refinement and cool elegance. Let it be your companion throughout your entire day and in all situations of life, from breakfast with the family to coffee and cake in the afternoon to the festive dinner table. Aronda – a timeless, beautiful classic, and a two-time award winning collection. Details: , Dishwasher safe , Microwaveable , Ovenproof , Designer: Barbara Schmidt , Decoration: Cornelia MÃller Dimensions: Diameter: 27 cm Colour: Erzgebirge Material: Porcelain Manufacturer Article Number: 453429A11285B , Pack contains:1 Kahla Aronda Dinner Plate, Dinner Plate, Flat Plate, 27 cm, Erzgebirge, 453429A11285B
Aronda erzgebirge dinner plate 27 cm
Hard porcelain
Erzgebirge multicolour
Pro eco

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