Loctite Super Glue Control Liquid – 3 gm

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Loctite Super Glue 3g Control Liquid LOCSGCL

Loctite super glue high performance formula gives a strong bond in seconds on a wide variety of surfaces.
Ideal for bonding
porcelain, china, pottery, etc.
costume jewellery, brass, aluminium, copper, etc.
repairs to rubber trim, toys, household appliances
leather handbags, belts, shoes
wooden frames, handles, cork, card, most fabrics…

Not suitable for bonding plastics that are oily / waxy in appearance eg. polypropylene or polyethylene. Leather may become hardened or discoloured. Not suitable for very soft leather. Take extra care when repairing items that hold hot liquids or that will be wet in service. Allow at least one hour before use, and check strength of bond. Please test on a hidden area before use if in any doubt.

Control Liquid Size: 3g


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